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Swimming Radio system for water sports training

Coach2swimmer system

The best solution for coachtalking during trainng in swimming/aquatics/watersports

Bone conduction tech

Coach2swimmer for water sports - the most effective radio transmittingsystem for water sports ever built!

Coach2swimmer enables thecoach to talk directly to the swimmer both above and under the water, andprovides real-time continuous voice feedback throughout the training session.

Coach2swimmer is the premierwaterproof underwater communication system using bone conduction technology.

The system consists of apoolside microphone and a transmitter supporting an unlimited number of Coach2swimmerwaterproof headsets.   The 7-channel radio transmitter has a range of about70 meters. Coach2swimmer supports all headsets in its range, including up toseven different groups of swimmers operating on different channels.   Thewaterproof headset fits easily under any kind of swim cap. Coach2swimmer can beworn without a swim cap, held in place by the goggle straps. They even stay inplace during starts and turns!

Coach2swimmer delivers thecoach’s voice to the athlete through bone conduction technology, whichamplifies sound vibrations to the ear, enhancing clarity when submerged.   Thecoach can talk to the swimmers on deck and in the pool because the ear canal isopen. Listening is always perfect - above the water, under the water, even in anoisy, crowded pool!


Coach2swimmer is the premiersolution for in-pool training.   Coach2swimmer ensures coaching of athleteseverywhere in the pool - no waiting for swimmers to return to the wall to heara new round of sendoffs or sets.   With Coach2swimmer, the coachgives real-time feedback including motivation, encouragement, pacing, strokerates, and technical reminders. The coach can even use the warm-up swim to holda team meeting, introduce the practice, or jam a favorite musicmix.   


Using Coach2swimmer in alearn-to-swim environment, students attend with increased focus and are fullyaccessible to the instructor throughout the lesson.   One-to-one attentionis provided during both teaching and practice swims. Instruction is multipliedwith real-time correction and feedback creating faster skill acquisition and mastery.


Thanks to its 60-meter range, Coach2swimmerallows the open water swimmer to receive real-time coaching throughout theirtraining session.   Coaches can provide spotting support, pacing feedback,and direction for more dynamic training. Coaches can now deliver more effectivepractice sessions from the boat or the beach, elevating and increasing theeffectiveness of each swim.


Coach2swimmer allows theathlete to hear their coaches feedback up to 1.5 meters below the surface. This enables the coach to direct movement simultaneously with crisp andprecise real-time music so that timing can be maximized.   Up to sevengroups can train in the same pool with their own music and their own coach,allowing for a more effective use of practice sessions for each group and theteam as a whole.


During skills session, coachesuse Coach2swimmer to deliver instruction for every athlete in the pool,including those with their heads under water.   Athletes practice player coordinationin fast break situations as well as setting up an offense or maneuvering adefense before launching their skills in a scrimmage or game situation. Up to seven skill groups can be separately instructed. Offensive anddefensive squads can be directed separately.


Coach2swimmer guides blindathletes through practice in real time. Safety cues promote an effectivetraining session with reduced risk of impact injury.   Blind swimmers gaintremendous confidence through constant auditory connection with their coach,opening up a new world of access and participation.

Coach2swimmer allows deafathletes using bone conduction support to hear in the water in the same mannerthat they access sound through their regular bone conduction hearing devices.Athletes who use hearing aids may hear better underwater with Coach2swimmer.Swimmers with cochlear implants will receive input as vibration signals only.   

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