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Black-tech Intelligent Chip muscle massage gun high-end product INVTG01
编号: MGF03

2019 innovatve high-end “ intellegent chip “muscle deepvibration massage gun

1. Built-in Hit Intelligent Control Chip.   

2. Visual Intelligent control interface.

3. Intelligent head-switching detection   

4. Intelligently recognize muscle and bone to maximizeprotection for bones from accidental injury.   

5. Intelligent idling system for power saving.

6. Intelligent voice broadcast system.

7. With buffering power cabin.

8. Handle made of with food-grade level siliconematerial and covering with nanometer self-cleaning material coating foreffectively anti-bacteria. Soft and firm grip, hard to slip.

9.Configure with 5 diferent massage heads: Generalmassage head, Articular capsule and joint massage head, Trigger points massagehead, Achilles tendon massage head and Warm-up massage head

10.Suitable for work out, outdoor exercise, home exerciseand travel.

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